samed 15


samedi 15 juillet 2023 à 20h


Brain Garden play a mixture of folk music from Europe and America. They play a wide selection of beautiful songs with skill, a fun sense of humour, passion and finesse: Rustic tunes from the Celtic fireside, laments and celebrations from the Balkan heartlands and wonky folk to soothe the demon's ear. Fiddle, clarinet, percussion, trumpet and guitar join forces in twisted revelry, melodies entwining to weave a new dance. 'Brain Garden' will make your heart leap with rhapsodic pain and boundless delight. Watch out! Your feet may decide to follow suit.

The musicians have years of experience and have been performing at festivals all over Europe and further afield for the last 15 years.

The line-up is:

Simon Alexander UK- guitar, trumpet and vocals

Ursula Billinton UK- violin and vocals

Jimbino Vegan UK- clarinet, guitar and vocals

Ben Fox USA - tuba

Stephan Scharmin - BE - Percussion

video: Ushti Baba: Pope Leo XIII live at Off The Tracks festival, Derbys 2021, on YouTube