mercr 12

Concert : SPOS!

mercredi 12 avril 2023 à 20h

Concert : SPOS!

SPOS! is spiritual unity of brothers, friends that have met through music and travelling together and sharing thoughts, deeds, life, sound and music. Jose Lencastre saxophonist from Lisbon, Miguel Petruccelli guitarist and bassist from Uruguay and Aleksandar Skoric drummer from Serbia united for the first time in Portugal in February 2018 and since
then they play every year, touring and sharing music and have recorded an album last year "Now...SPOS", for Portuguese label, Phonogram Unit

For the concert in Boom cafe, SPOS! will manifest as a duet of Miguel and Aleksandar a.k.a Feedsaus, where we will be channeling brother Ze who will be there as a spirit and music you will hear is a fire heart music, open listening and playing, creating together with listeners and surroundings.

Miguel Petruccelli - guitar, bass
Aleksandar Skoric - drums, percussion