diman 13

Concert : Roda de Choro

dimanche 13 février 2022 à 16h

Concert : Roda de Choro


Improvisation à plusieurs musiciens

👉 CHORO est le genre le plus important de musique instrumentale brésilienne.

👉CHORO est une manière de jouer.

👉CHORO est une forme de vivre et partager la musique avec joie et créativité.


Improvisation with several musicians

👉CHORO is the most important Brazilian instrumental music.

👉CHORO is a form of playing.

👉CHORO is a form of living and sharing music with joy and creativity.


🎼 Around 1870, popular music players in Rio de Janeiro - the economic and cultural capital of Brazil in those years - started to perform the repertoire of European dances in vogue amid the aristocracy of XIX century (like waltz, scottish and polka) in a "brazilerized" form, with strong influence of African origin's rhythms. Thus CHORO was born!

🎼 Since then, the musical universe of Choro has always embraced different rhythms and styles, including polka, waltz, baião, frevo, maxixe and tango brasileiro, and had a decisive influence on the development of samba and bossa-nova.

🎼 Most of the Brazilian composers has dealt and still deals with Choro, from Villa-Lobos to Nazareth, from Tom Jobim to Gismonti, from Chico Buarque to Guinga, and several generations of musicians have always contribute to the development and dissemination of Choro with a lot of love and passion for this music. Thanks to all this, Choro has become the most important Brazilian instrumental music.