diman 16

A Public Debate: Press Freedom and State Secrets

dimanche 16 février 2020 à 17h30

A Public Debate: Press Freedom and State Secrets

Julian Assange divides opinion. The founder of the site WikiLeaks has been called a 'traitor' by some and a 'hero' by others. On the weekend before his extradition hearing begins in London, we will debate whether freedom of press should extend to state secrets. Two teams will present the pros and cons. Come as an observer or bring your questions to challenge the participants and be ready to change your mind or those of others.

Brussels Debaters facilitates the session. It is one of Belgium's biggest debating clubs aiming to make our society more inclusive by empowering individuals to exchange views with people from different backgrounds. The group organizes debates on different topics every Wednesday. For more information, go to: https://www.meetup.com/Brussels-Debaters/. @ Rue Blaes 132, 1000 BXL

Source : https://hungryforpressfreedom.wordpress.com/
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