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Stand with HK Belgium- Anti-Totalitarianism 928 Rally

samedi 28 septembre 2019 à 14h

Stand with HK Belgium- Anti-Totalitarianism 928 Rally

Stand with Hong Kong - Belgium, 928 Statement

28 September 2014 marked the beginning of Hong Kong's pro-democratic movement, named Umbrella movement, it proclaims the democratization of Hong Kong,according to the promise made by Sino-British Joint-Declaration and enshrined in the Basic Law.
The name Umbrella signifies the symbol for the passive resistance in response to Hong Kong Police's use of pepper spray to disperse the crowd during a 79-day occupation. The protesters followed the principle of non-violent civil disobedience and demonstrated the willingness to bear the legal responsibility of their actions. In return, they demanded free and fair elections as universal suffrage has been promised. The pro-democratic Umbrella movement unveiled the civil disobedience campaign of occupying the main central business district of Hong Kong.

Five years on, in the summer of 2019, another pro-democratic movement took off. The waves of protest emerged from a proposed extradition law, if approved by the Parliament, would allow Hong Kong authorities to extradite suspects from Hong Kong to China to be trialed. People from Hong Kong are concerned that the bill would subject citizens and visitors to the mainland Chinese jurisdiction that undermining the autonomy and its civil liberties. Therefore, the proposed amendment would severely undermine HK's autonomy as stipulated by the "One country, Two systems" arrangement.
Regarding the linkage between these two movements, throughout the Umbrella movement, Hong Kong people have been demanding universal suffrage as promised by the Basic Law; in the current anti-extradition law movement, on top of the withdrawal of the proposed bill, HK people also stood up to the increased political and juridical influence from Beijing. In this sense, the anti-extradition movement, is a step forward in emphasising Hong Kong's high degree of autonomy, resisting the meddling from the central government in HK's day-to-day rule. Popular chants such as 'Liberate Hong Kong' and 'Revolution of our times' illustrate the population's wish to a fundamental political and cultural change with its autonomy preserved.

The evolution from the Umbrella movement to the anti-extradition bill movement also reflects the awakening of many Hongkongers. They have come to the realisation that the prosperity and well-being of the city are very much based on the independent judiciary and the autonomy the city has been enjoying in the past decades. Furthermore, many of the problems faced in today's Hong Kong are rooted in a democratic deficit, where citizens could not vote for the Chief Executive and half of the parliamentarians. The invisible hand of the Central Government has been a major hurdle for further democratisation of HK.

With the ongoing movement, Hong Kong stands out and says no to China, an authoritarian regime and shows its determination to defend the universal values of freedom and human rights. We are also serving as an example being at the forefront of the world in battling the reverse waves of democracies as witnessed worldwide.
As Professor Larry Diamond, a renowned political scientist said, ' "In every region of the world," he writes, "autocrats are seizing the initiative, democrats are on the defensive, and the space for competitive politics and free expression is shrinking." We call upon you to stand with Hong Kong to continue our fight for the respect of human rights and democracy.

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